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Descendants of Greensbury Blades

Generation No. 2

2. BENJAMIN2 BLADES (GREENSBURY1) died September 13, 1797. He married HUDAH LAW. She died July 16, 1829.

Notes for B
Excerpts from history of DeKalb County, TN

Benjamin Blades, Pioneer Merchant, Came from Maryland. Resident of Liberty, TN in 1850
DeKalb had 1274 stills - 1st put up about 1801 by Jesse Allen. One of the best customers was Goldsbury Blades.

Adjutant General Papers

which pertain to Baltimore City and Baltimore County

June 1813 - A list of the members of the First Company of the First
Battalion of Maryland Riflemen, in Baltimore commanded by Captain William B. Dryer; Peter Foy, lst Lt; Ephraim Smith, 2nd Lt, Cephas Simmons, 3rd Lt; John Gorsuch, Ens; Joseph Haislet, Ist Sgt; Daniel Metzger, 2nd Sgt; Francis Monmonier, 3rd Sgt; Abraham Parks, 4th Sgt; Thomas D. Rook; 5th Sgt; Thomas Mitchel, Ist Cpl; Thomas Reardon, 2nd Cpl; David Hortsman, 3rd Cpl; James Hazlet, 4tb Cpl; Privates: Levin Mathews; Josiah A. Smith; William Feinour; Samuel Ebert; Elijah Dyer; Bennadick Richards; Thomas Hall; Joseph Ramsay; Gale March; Richard Bishop; William Pilshard; William Agnew; Samuel Kinard; John Shortridge; Charles Ernest; Frederick Kramer; John Farrell; William Phillips; John Brown; Thomas Hagthrop; Joseph Wilson; James Riggens; Basil Millikin; Moses Elvin; Richard Ravill; John Wright; Peter Wells; Benjamin Blades; William West; Joseph Dawson; Daniel Anthony; Samuel Briley. William Stevens; Benjamin Austin; Philip Sheerwood; Joshua Germain; James S. Melbourn; John Johnson; John Reed; John Gorden; Richard Gorden; William Van Winkle; Richard Maddux; James Rouse; Ezekiel Jones; John Clarke; William Davy; Daniel Fobel; Thomas Cartee

Baltimore City - Ist Rifle Battalion

Aug 19-Nov 18 1814 William B. Dyer, Capt. Peter Foy, Ist Lt; Ephraim Smith, 2nd Lt, on command in search of wounded Aug 31, resicned Oct 10; John Gorsuch, Ens, joined Aug 24, promoted to 2nd Lt Oct 10; Daniel Metzger, lst Sgt, promoted to Ens Oct 10; Francis Moumoner/Monomoner, 2nd Sgt, disch as an alien Oct 18; Abraham Parks, 3rd Sgt, promoted to 2nd Sgt; Thomas D. Rook, 4th Sgt, promoted to 3rd Lt Sep 1; Thomas Mitchel, 1st Cpl, promoted to 4th Sgt Sep 1; Daniel Anthony, 2nd Cpl, deserted Oct 20; Elijah Dyer, 3rd Cpl, promoted to lst Col Sep 1, promoted later to 3rd Sgt; Thomas Hall, 4th Cpl, promoted to 3rd Cpl Sep 1; Privates: William Agnew; Benjamin Austin; John E. Ardery, deserted Oct 19; Samuel Allen; Thomas Ashcroft; Richard Bishop; Benjamin Blades; Henry Burman; John Clark; Thomas Carter; Robert Cully; Isaac Collins; Joseph Dawson, deserted Oct 19; William Davy; Richard Drummond; Ezekiel Dyer; Joseph Denny; Charles Earnest, wounded; Elias Evans; Daniel Fowble, absent without leave; William Finehour, on guard at laboratory Nov 18; John Gordon; Richard Gordon, wounded; Thomas Hagthrop, on command on Nov 18; Henry Hall; Nehemiah Harris; Charles Harrison, deserted Oct 19; Christopher Harding, promoted to Sgt Oct 19; Benedict H. Hanson, joined Aug 29; John Johnson, promoted to 4th Cpl Sep 1; James Jones; Samuel Kennard; Samuel Lock; William Lock; Gale March, promoted to Quarter Master Sgt and mustered with Field and Staff officers Oct 23; Richard Madox; James McDonald, promoted to lst Sgt; Thomas Nicoll; Jonathan Parsons; William Pilchard; Thomas Price, on guard at laboratory on Nov 18; Joseph Ramsey, joined Aug 27; Benedict Richards; James Riggen; Richard Revell; John Robertson; Joshua Sweeting joined Aug 24; Phillip Shorewood; Henry Speck;William VanWinkle; Samuel VanWinkle; Joseph Wilson- Edward Watts, promoted to 1st Cpl Oct 19; Jonathan Walker, joined Aug 27; Perry Blades, joined Sep 1, promoted to 2nd Cpl Oct 19; Cordo Bolk, joined Sep 11, Disch Oct 19; Richard Bowen, joined Sep 11; James Bryson, joined Sep 11

More About B
Occupation: Blacksmith
Children of B
3. i.   GOLDSBURG "GOLDSBURRY"3 BLADES, b. December 28, 1785; d. October 30, 1848.
Charlie Blades, only son of Benjamin Blades, fell through the bridge at Liberty TN. and was drowned. Nearby is grave of James White, who contracted to build a portion of the turnpike. .

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