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Descendants of William Yate

Generation No. 11

11. WILLIAM NATHAN11 PRATHER II (ANN10 YATES, GEORGE YATE9 SR., JOHN8 YATE, THOMAS7, FRANCIS6, THOMAS5, JOHN YATE4 (GENTLEMAN), RICHARD YATE3, EDMOND YATE2, WILLIAM1 YATE) was born March 08, 1700 in Prince George Co. Maryland, and died September 20, 1780 in Prince George Co. Maryland. He married (1) RUTH EDMONSTON. He married (2) MARTHA PRATHER Abt. 1724 in Maryland, daughter of JOHNATHAN PRATHER II. She was born Abt. 1707 in St. John Parrish, Prince George, Maryl

Notes for W

William Prather by his Will made Dec., 22, 1779, devised and bequeathed as follows:

To his wife during her widowhood - 150 acres Of land on which he lived called "Hogg Harbor", also negro slaves.
To his son Nathan Prather -- one half of the above plantation after the death of his wife.
To his grandson Archibald Edmonston, certain land after the death of his wife.
To his son Zephaniah Prather -- a negro after the death of his wife.
To his son James Prather --- 83 acres of the plantation he lives on.
To heir of his son Benjamin Prather -- a negro woman.
To his grandson Richard Prather -- a negro child.
William Prather appointes his sons Zephaniah Prather and Nathan Prather sol Executors of this his last Will and Testament.

      William Hall      Witness      William Prather (seal)
      James Edmonston      Witness
      James Lockland      Witness

Probated Sept. 26, 1780

Note: Martha Prather, widow of William Prather, on Sept. 2, 1780, relinguished all her rights title claim and interest to the legacies bequeathed to her.

The above is on file at the Court House at Upper Marlboro, Prince George Co., Maryland.

17 Oct., 1771:
William Praher to his son Zephaniah Prather deeded to him "Bug-Bear", part of addition to "Hog-Harbour" 100 acres.

10 Jan., 1771:
Josias (Josiah) Prather granted 100 acres in Berkley Dist., S.C.

21 May, 1771:
100 acres in Berkley Co., S.C. granted to Brice Prather, son of Abarilla Prather Flanagan.

5 Sept., 1772:
William Prather Sr. sold to Nathan Prather for 80 pounds sterling part of "Hog-Harbour" 135 acres.

4 Sept., 1780:
Martha Prather widwow of William Prather deeded to her son Nathan ... 1/3 part of personal estate of William Prater SR. for 50 pounds sterling.

7 Sept., 1786:
Zephaniah Prather of Prince George Co., MD. sold to William Hall for 200 pounds sterling a parcell of land in P.G.Co., MD. which was willed by William Prather to his son Joseph Prather during his natural life and after that to his son, Zephaniah, it being part of a tract "Hog-Harbour". Rachel, wife of Zephaniah released her dower.

15 Feb., 1792:
Brice Prather bought from his mother and step-father 100 acres on the S. Fork of Duncan Creek for 10 pounds sterling.

16 Mar., 1792:
Brice Prather and Martha Prather sold to Josiah Prather, 125 acres by Broad and Saluda rivers for 50 pounds sterling.

5 Oct., 1796:
Zephaniah Prather Jr. to Joseph Hickman for 5 shillings ... 2 tracts "Fairfax Beall" and "Second Thought" ...164 acres.

28 Nov.
Thomas irather Jr. and Elizabeth his wife sold 300 acres called "Beale's Gift" to Martha Claggett and John Mullikin.

16 July, 1799:
Brice and martha Prather of Laurens Co., S.C. sold 150 acres on Duncan Creek to John Phillips.

3 Mar., 1800:
Brice Prater bought 200 acres on Duncan Creek from Abarilla Flanagan, Widow, and her son-in-law and daughter Henry and Fannie Owings.

NOTE: Information from:
Frederick Co., Hist. Soc.
Montgomery Co., Library.. Frederick Co., MD.
The National Archives.

William married his cousin Martha Prather, daughter of Jonathan Prather II.

More About W
Occupation: Plantation
Children of W
  i.   JAMES WILLIAM12 PRATHER, b. Abt. 1740, Prince George Co. Maryland; d. Abt. March 07, 1791, Prince George Co. Maryland.
  ii.   WILLIAM NATHAN PRATHER III, b. Abt. 1742, Prince George Co. Maryland; d. Abt. March 16, 1814, Prince George Co. Maryland.
12. iii.   JOHN JOSIAH12 PRATHER, b. Abt. 1722, Prince George Co. Maryland; d. Bet. 1760 - 1761, Prince George Co. Maryland.
  iv.   SAMUAL PRATHER, b. Bef. 1728, Prince George Co. Maryland; d. Abt. March 1785, Frederick Co., Maryland.
  v.   JOSEPH PRATHER, b. Abt. 1730, Prince George Co. Maryland; d. Abt. 1781, Prince George Co. Maryland.
  vi.   BENJAMIN PRATHER, b. Bet. 1725 - 1730, Prince George Co. Maryland; d. Abt. May 30, 1780, Frederick Co., Maryland.
  vii.   MARTHA PRATHER, b. Abt. 1738, Prince George Co. Maryland.
  viii.   ZEPHANIAH PRATHER, b. Abt. 1739, Prince George Co. Maryland; d. Abt. January 18, 1809.
  ix.   BRICE PRATHER, b. Abt. 1721, Maryland; d. July 08, 1806, Laurens Co., South Carolina.

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