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Descendants of Richard Hansard

Generation No. 5

5. JAMES CROFFORD (CRAWFORD)5 HANSARD (JESSE BROWN4, WILLIAM3, WILLIAM2, RICHARD1) was born February 19, 1821 in Jackson Co, Georgia, and died August 20, 1892 in Forsyth Co, Georgia. He married (1) REBECCA ELIZABETH (SPRUCE) SAMPLES August 25, 1842, daughter of JOHN SAMPLES and FRANCIS SAMPLES. She was born 1810 in Tenneesee, and died November 05, 1888 in Forsyth Co, Georgia. He married (2) MARY DELILAH POOL September 04, 1889 in Forsyth Co, Georgia, daughter of NATHANIAL POOL and MARGARET PEEK. She was born December 31, 1836 in Georgia, and died 1899.


James Crofford/Crawford Hansard, b. 2-19-1821, probably
in Jackson Co., Ga., d. 8-20-1892, in Forsyth Co., Ga., and
is buried in Roanoke Baptist Church Cemetery, originally
Wesley Chapel, Cumming, Ga. Nowhere else has the name
Crofford been used in the family, so apparently this was a
misspelling of the name Crawford which has been used
repeatedly by his descendants. The only reference to the name
Crofford appears in the family Bible of-his sister Mary "Polly"
and her husband Norman Morrison Crow, which is now in
possession of one of "Polly's" descendents, Mrs. Mary
Katherine Gill, of Signal Mountain, Tenn.


He m/l, 8-25-1842, in Forsyth Co., Rebecca (Samples) Spruce, b. ca. 1810 in Tenn., d. 11-5-1888, in Forsyth Co., and is buried beside James C. in Roanoke Cemetery. She was daughter of John and Frances Y. Samples, natives of Virginia, per census records, who had settled in Tenn. before 1810, and by 1834 had settled in Forsyth Co. where he was counted on the State Census of Georgia.- The name of Rebecca's first husband is unknown, but by that marriage she had three children, and by 1840 was a widow.

He m/2, 9-4-1889, in Forsyth Co., Mrs. Delilah Adams, b. 12-31-1836, in Ga., d. 1899, and is buried in old Milton Co., Ga. She was daughter of Nathan Pool and his wife Margaret Peek, and the widow of Henry G. Adams, who d. 9-13-1863, in the Civil War. By that marriage there were four children, viz: Rice Adams, b. 11-17-1857, m. Martha Cockrum; James W.Adams, b. 3-11-1859, m. Ann Hardman; John Henry Adams, b. 9-9-1860 m. Sally C. Guthrey, and Delila Adams, b. 9-221 1862, d. 11-6-1882. The boys all lived to be grown and married and had large families before she married the second time in 1889 to James C. Hansard. There were no children by this marriage. (Forsyth Co. mar. Bk. C-84)

According to his obituary, he was born in Northeast Georgia, and later lived in Cherokee County and Hall County. No Hansards appeared on the 1840 Forsyth County Census, so he must have come to Forsyth Co. between 1840 and 1842 when he and Rebecca were married.

When the 1840 Forsyth Co. Census was taken, Rebecca Spruce was shown as head of household #291, with 1 female 20/30 (self), 1 female under 5, 1 male, 5/10, and 1 male under 5. At this time her parents John and Frances Samples, both shown as age 60/70, lived next door to her, and they still lived next door in 1850.

When the 1845 State Census was taken the household of James Hansard consisted of six persons. This would have been himself, his wife, the.three children of Rebecca by her first marriage, and the first son of James C. and Rebecca.

The 1850 Census of Forsyth Co., Ga., lists his household as James Hansard #1224, in 31st District, as follows: James Hansard, age 29, property $150, b. Ga., Rebecca, age 36, b. Tenn., with the following children, all born in Ga.: John, 15, Nancy, 14, Calvin, 12, William, 8, Ira, 5, James, 3, Alva, 1.

(NOTE: From this census one would assume that all of the children were named Hansard. The first three were children of Rebecca by her previous marriage and were named Spruce. All three had married and left the household before 1860.)

In the 1860 Forsyth Co. Census his household was #16/16 (p. 371), and enumerated as follows: Hansford, J.C., age 39, farmer, realty valued at $1300, personalty $600, b. Ga., Rebecca (wife) 45, b. Tenn., William, 17, Ira R.(?), 15, James D., 13, Eugenious, 10, Faithy, 8, Asa M., 2.

Household #17/17 was that of Rebeccals parents, John Samples and his wife Frances Y., both b. in Va.

When the 1870 Forsyth Co. census was taken on June Ist, his household was #616, as follows: J. C. Hansard, 50, b. Ga., owns realty $700, and personalty $500, with wife Rebecca, age 58, b. Tenn., and son, A.M. age 12 ' b. Ga. Three of his sons lived nearby, as follows: Alvin Lugenius in household #5/51 I.W., in #7/7, and J.D. in #8/8.

The 1880 Forsyth Co. census, taken on June 17th, showed him living in District #879, household #256/263 (p. 285) and enumerated as follows:

Hansard, James C. 59 farmer, b. Ga., f & m b. Ga.
Rebecca W 69 b. Ga.(?) f & m b. S.C.(?)
Susan (?) GD 13
Walton (?)
      GS 11
John C. (?) GS 9

(NOTE: The three grandchildren were children of his deceased son Ira W. of whom James C. had been appointed guardian and the children lived in his home. "Susan" was probably a nickname for Missouri C., Walter was erroneously written as Walton, and John C. should have been John B. (John Brooks). Also note that this census indicated that Rebecca was b. in Ga., and that her parents were b. S.C. It is possible that her parents may have lived in S.C. before moving to Tenn., but other records indicated that they were b. in Va. Rebecca was b. in Tenn. as were some of her brothers and sisters, according to other records.)

The nine children comprising the family of James C. and Rebecca, from best sources available, were as follows:

1. John Clinton Spruce SS b. 2-10-1835 m. Sarah Hampton
2. Nancy Louisa Spruce SD b. 11-29-1836 m. Reuben Wash. Benson
3. Calvin Hoslert Spruce SS b. 11-10-1838 m. Sarah Bailey
4. William Emery Hansard b. 8-24-1843 m. Lucinda Augusta Benson
5. Ira W. Hansard b. 1845 m. 1/Kiziah E. Barker m 2/Sarah A. Wills
6. James Dewitt Hansard b. 12-22-1846 m. Emerine Luvenia Samples
7. Alvin Lugenius Hansard b. 11-03-1849 m. Sarilla Haseltine Phillips
8. Faithy Arminta Hansard b. 12-16-1852 m. James Wesley Samples
9. Asa M. Hansard b. 1858
      d. unmd. before 1880?

As previously shown, James C. and Rebecca are buried in Roanoke Baptist Church Cem. (formerly Wesley Chapel Cemetery), Cumming, Forsyth Co., Ga. They share a square marker about 12" by 4' high in a rather prominent spot in the center of the cemetery near the church, on which the following inscriptions appear:

James C. Hansard, b. 2-19-1821, died 8-20-1892
Age 71 years, 6 months, 1 day

Rebecca Hansard, wife of James C. Hansard
b. 1810 d. 11-5-1888

Children read as you pass by
As you are now so once was I
As I am now so you must be
Prepare for death and follow me

Forsyth County Deed Records (Deed Bk. L, 1850-1856, p. 236) show that an Jan. 4, 1852, James C. Hansard made a deed to A. B. Welborn and others as Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church for 1 acre and 60 rods south on the road leading from Cumming to Bonds Ferry line, for a church and cemetery. This lot was only a short distance from the home of James C. and Rebecca, and on the lot a frame church building was erected, known as Wesley Chapel, and a cemetery was established on the lot. In his will James C. specified that his body be buried at Wesley Chapel.

It seems fitting to relate here something of the history of this church, as related by descendants of James C. and Rebecca: Wesley Chapel was an active church, and many of the Hansard and Samples descendants and their relatives worshipped here as Methodists until about 1910-1912, when it ceased to function as a Methodist church. Apparently, many of the Hansard and Samples descendants had embraced the doctrines of the Baptist faith and wished to organize a Baptist church. One source has claimed that one of the active members of the Baptist group wanted the church to be known as the Roanoke Baptist Church to commemorate the area from which he had come, apparently Roanoke, Va. So the Roanoke Baptist Church was organized to take over the church and cemetery. About 1927-1930 the original frame building tiurned and the present whitespired frame building was erected in its stead. The church is now very active and a very important part of the local community life. In the cemetery are buried many of the descendants of James C. and Rebecca, and it is claimed by those who seem to know that all who are buried there, with the exception of one person ' are their descendants or relatives. The cemetery contains many large marble monuments bearing Hansard and Samples names. Also, as a very fitting tribute to those who are buried here without identifying markers, some years ago all of the old fieldstone markers with no identification were replaced with small white marble slabs similar to military cemetery markers. The cemetery is very well maintained.

After the War Between the States, many persons were being dispossessed of their homes and personal property because they were unable to pay their debts, and for various other reasons. To alleviate this condition, on Oct. 3, 1868, the General Assembly of the State of Georgia passed an Act to protect homesteads and certain personal property from Levy and Sale. Because some of these Schedules which were filed under this Act are very interesting and give an insight into the lives of those who availed themselves of the protection afforded by the Act, it is believed these Applications will be of particular interest to their descendants. Thus, quoted here is the Application and Schedule of property filed by James C. Hansard on Nov. 13, 1868, shortly after the Act was passed.

(Homestead Exemptions, pages 38-39-40-41, Forsyth Co., Ga.)
STATE OF GEORGIA, FORSYTH COUNTY: Hbh. William D. Bentley, Ordinary of Said County.

The following is a schedule and description of the personal property owned & possessed by James C. Hansard of Said County who is the head of a family and which is claimed by him under Section lst Article 7th of the Constitution of Said State as being exempt from levy and sale and by virtue of the provisions of an Act of the Legislature of said State entitled an "Act to provide for setting apart a Homestead of realty and personalty & for the valuation of the said property & for the full and complete protection & Security of the same to the Sole use and benefit of families as required by Section & Article of the Constitution and for other purposes". Approved 3d October 1868: to wit --

400 Bushels Corn $120.00
2000 Bundles Fodder
1 Small black horse mule 7 years old
1 Bay horse
1 Medium Sized bay horse mule 12 years old 70.00
8 pork Hogs 40.00
17 Stock hogs (Sows, Shoates & Pigs) 20.00
1 Dry cow (red) $10 1 dry cow pided $10 20.00
1 " " pided $8 2 yearlings 2 years old $6 14.00
1 old 2 horse wagon 20.00
6 sheep $6, 3 pole axes $1.50 7.50
4 Beds & 4 Bedsteads & bed clothing 40.00
1 Bureau $10, 1 Side Board $1.50, 1 Safe $2 13.50
3 Common Tables $2.00, 1 Clock $5
1 45 Gallon Still & Fixtures
24 Still Tubs 12.00
3 40 Gal. Whiskey Barrells
1 18 Gal. " " .50
1 Barrel of Sorghum Syrup (43 gals.) 13.00
2 old Wash tubs $1.00, 1 Meal barrel .50 1.50
1 " Buggy $10, 1 Cotton Gin & Screw $25 25.00?
1 Thresher & fan $10, 1 Grindstone $1.00 11.00
2 pr Plow gears 2.00, 10 Iron plows 2.00 4.00
4 Stacks Oats 12.00, 100 Bus. Wheat 100. 112.00
1 Set Blacksmith tools. 6 Chairs 1.50
1 set cooking utensils 5.00 11.50?
4 Jars (earthen) 1.50, 1 lot Crockeryware 2.00
1 set Knifes & forks .50 4.00
2 Spinning Wheels 1.00 2 pr Cotton Cards .50 1.50
1 Loom 1.00, 50 lbs hand Tob. 5.00
300 lbs seed cotton 10. 16.50
2 old augurs .25 1 handsaw .25 chisels .25 .75
1 Clay bank mare
1 Rifle gun 8.00 1 fire shovel & tongs 1.00 9.00
1 Tin can .75
Wearing apparel for himself & family 15.00
1 Bible $1.00 1.00

GEORGIA, FORSYTH COUNTY: Before me personally came James C. Hansard who on oath says that he claims the property mentioned in the foregoing Schedule as being exempt from Levy and Sale under Section I & Art. 7 of the General Assembly passed to carry into effect Said Section of the Constitution on the 3d day of October 1868. And deponent further Swears that Said Schedule contains a correct description & a fair valuation in Specie of the property therein named.
Sworn to & Subscribed before me this 11th day of James x Hansard
November 1868. W. D. Bentley, Ordinary mark

STATE OF GEORGIA, FORSYTH COUNTY: To the Hon. William D. Bentley, Ordinary of Said County. -- James C. Hansard of Said County respectfully shows that he is the head of a family having a wife and two minor children and as such claims the following land as a homestead as exempt from levy and sale under Section I Art. 7 of the Constitution of Said State and an Act of the last Legislature of Said State passed on the 3d day of October 1868 to carry into effect Said Section of the Constitution to wit: lots of land numbers One hundred and eighty two (182), One hundred and eighty three (183) One hundred and eighty four (184), and One hundred and eighty five (185), One hundred and fifty nine (159), and One hundred and sixty one (161), Seventy seven (77), and two hundred and sixty eight (268) in the 14th District of said County wherefore the Said James C. Hansard applies to you for an order to the County Surveyor of Said County to lay off his Homestead out of said land allowed by said Section of the Constitution and to value & make a plat of the same. Novr 13th 1868

James C. Hansard
Filed in Office 13th Novr. 1868 Wm. H. Eakes, C.C.O.

GEORGIA, FORSYTH COUNTY: Office of the Ordinary of Said County Novr. 14th 1868. -- To Benjamin L. Otwell County Surveyor of Said County, James C. Hansard of said County having filed in my office a Schedule of personal property claimed to be exempt from levy and sale under Section I Article was a son of said Ira W. Hansard deceased, of whom Isadora V. Bell and Ira Wilson Hansard are minors. All of said heirs reside in the said County except W. E. Hansard who resides in Denton County, Texas.

Petitioners pray leave to prove said will in Solemn Form and therefor Citation to issue according to Law to said next of kin and that Guardian Ad litem be appointed to represent said minors when made parties by proper Service.

H. L. Patterson
Atty for Petitioners
Filed in Office October 18th, 1892
H. L. Hawkins, Ordinary

GEORGIA, FORSYTH COUNTY: In open court personally-came W. R. Otwell one of the subscribing witnesses to the within writing who being duly sworn desposeth and saith that he saw James C. Hansard sign seal publish and deliver said writing to be his own last will as the same and freely, voluntarily done; that James C. Hansard was well advised of the contents of said writing and dictated the same;,that he the said James C. Hansard was at the time of the making signing and publishing of said instrument of sound and disposing mind and memory; that he saw Samuel B. Patterson and E. H. Self also sign the same and that deponent and said Samuel B. Patterson and E. H. Self also signed said writing in the presence of James C. Hansard and at his special instance and request and that said James C. Hansard departed this life a resident of said bounty on or about the 20th day of August, 1892. Sworn to and subscribed before me September 5th, 1892.

H. L. Hawkins, Ordinary
W. R. Otwell
Recorded this September 22nd, 1892.
H. L. Hawkins, Ordinary

His obituary appeared in The Baptist Leader, Aug. 25, 1892, and reads as follows:

JAMES C. HANSARD -- Died on the 20th inst. at his home 4 miles east of Cumming, James C. Hansard, age 71 years, 5 months and 1 day. "Uncle Jim" as he was usually called, was born in Northeast Georgia and was one of a family of 12 children. He moved from there to Cherokee County, and thence to Hall County, near Pirkle's ferry. Over fifty years ago he was first united in marriage to Mrs. Rebecca Spruce with whom he lived happily until about five years ago, when his companion was called away from eartn.

He afterwards married Mrs. Adams, whom he leaves to mourn his loss. He also leaves three sons and a daughter by his first wife, and many grandchildren to weep after him. He had been a member of the Methodist Episcopal church about 50 years, and was a liberal supporter of that church. He was a good husband and provided well for his family. He was kind and helpful to his children and grand-children.

Rev. H. C. Conner preached his funeral Sunday last to an uncommonly large congregation, and his body was laid to rest in Wesley Chapel cemetery near his home and place of worship.

His obituary also appears in "Pioneer History of Forsyth Co., Ga.," published in 1981 by Don L. Shadburn, on page 645. This book also contains many other interesting items concerning James C. Hansard and persons who were related to him and his family members too numerous to mention here.

GEORGIA, FORSYTH COUNTY: To Delilah Hansard, Minte Samples, Missouri
Samples, John B. Hansard, Isadora V. Bell, and Ira Wilson Hansard of said County and State and William E. Hansard of Denton County and State of Texas, each of kin to James C. Hansard deceased of Forsyth County, Georgia.

James D. Hansard and Alvin L. Hansard having, as Executors, applied for probate in Solemn Form of the last Will of James C. Hansard, late deceased, of said County and having made known to the court that you are hereby cited to be and appear at the December Term 1892 of the Court of Ordinary of Said County as the Will of said James C. Hansard will then be offered for probate in Solemn Form.

Given under my Official Signature, Oct. 18th, 1892.

H.L. Hawkins, Ordinary

1 have this day served Isadora V. Bell and I. W. Hansard each personally with a copy of the within petition & order this Nov. 25.

H. W. Strickland, Sheriff

In the Matter of ) Application to prove the will of
James D. Hansard & ) James C. Hansard deceased in Solemn
Alvin L. Hansard ) Form in Forsyth Court of Ordinary
Executors of ) Georgia November Term 1892
James C. Hansard )
Decsd. ) I acknowledge due and legal Service in the above Stated Case, Waive Copy, Citation, Copy Will, Service by Publication and all other and further Notice or Service.

Denton County, Texas October 22nd, 1892 W. E. Hansard

GEORGIA, FORSYTH COUNTY: I acknowledge due and legal Service of the Application of James D. Hansard and Alvin L. Hansard, Nominated Executors, to prove the Will of James C. Hansard in Solemn Form in the Court of Ordinary in Forsyth County at the December Term 1892, and Waive Copy, Citation and all further Service or Notices. And I hereby elect to take the legacy bequeathed to me in the will of James C. Hansard in lieu of my right to Dower and a distributive share of Said estate.
This Nov. 7th. 1892 her
Delilah x Hansard
Witness - H. L. Hawkins Ordinary mark

In the Matter of ) Application to prove the will of
James D. Hansard & ) James C. Hansard deceased in Solemn
Alvin L. Hansard ) Form in the Court of Ordinary of
Executors of ) Forsyth County, Georgia
James C. Hansard ) December Term 1892
We acknowledge due and legal service in the above Stated Case, Waive Copy, Citation and all further Service or Notices her
Missouri C. x Samples
This 24th Day of November 1892 mark
      Faithy L. x Samples

Wit: J. D. Hansard J. B. Hansard

Burried: Roanoke Baptist Church Cemetary (Wesley Chappel) Cumming, Georgia

Burried: Roanoke Baptist Church Cemetary (Wesley Chappel) Cumming, Georgia

The following is copy of their marriage record:

"GEORGIA, FORSYTH CO. -- To any Regular Ordained Minister of the
Gospel, Judge, Justice of the Inferior Court, or justice of the Peace: You or
any of you are hereby authorized to join James C. Hanser and Rebecca Spruce
in the Holy State of Matrimony according to the Constitution and Laws of this
State and for so doing this shall be your sufficient License. Given under my hand
as Clerk of the Court of Ordinary for the County aforesaid this 25th day of August,
1842. D. McCoy, C.C.O. (Seal) -- Georgia, Forsyth County: I have Executed the
within according to law this 25th day of August 1842. William Fincher, J.P." (Forsyth
Co., Marriage Book A-135)

Burried: Old Milton Co., Georgia

The following is copy of their marriage record:

STATE OF GEORGIA, FORSYTH COUNTY -- To any Minister of the Gospel,Judge of the Superior Court, Justice of the Peace, or other person authorized to solemnize: You are hereby Authorized and Permitted To join in the Honorable State of Matrimony Mr. James C. Hansard and Mrs. Delilah Adams, according to the Rites of your Church, provided there be no lawful cause to this State; and for so doing this shall be your sufficient License. Given under my hand and seal, this 2d day of September 1889. H.L. Hawkins (L.S.)
RETURN TO ORDINARY'S OFFICE: I Hereby Certify, that James C. Hansard and Delilah Adams were joined together in the Holy Bonds of Matrimony on the 4th day of September, 1889, by me. E. M. Castleberry, N.P. Recorded January 3, 1890.






WILLIAM EMERY6 HANSARD, b. August 23, 1843, Forsythe Co., Georgia; d. July 16, 1925, San Marcos, Texas.





IRA W. HANSARD, b. 1845.
























ASA M. HANSARD, b. 1858.







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