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Descendants of Richard Hansard

Generation No. 3

3. WILLIAM3 HANSARD (WILLIAM2, RICHARD1) was born 1739 in Hanover Co., Virginia, and died April 01, 1798 in Albert Co., Georgia. He married JANET BROWN 1768 in Ameilia County, Virginia, daughter of ALEXANDER BROWN and MARY. She died December 15, 1820 in Elbert Co., Georgia.

Notes for W
William Hansard/Hansford and his activities in Virginia, from the time of his marriage in Amelia County in 1768 until he left Prince Edward County, some 16 or 17 years later, are pretty well documented, except for his Revolutionary War Service, for which nothing has been documented. He apparently arrived in Georgia in the Spring of 1785 with wife and several children, all minors, and it is believed that two or three children were born after they arrived in Georgia.

He settled in what was then Wilkes county, and on March 9, 1785, made application for a grant of 600 acres on the waters of the Beaverdam Creek. He may have been on someone's list for the purchase of land before he left Virginia, and he may even have had a warrant in payment for his Revolutionary service which could have been used for purchasing land, but nothing has been found to indicate that he had such a warrant, even though later records do prove that he served in the Revolutionary War. It seems more likely that his application for land was under the headright system, whereby a man could claim 200 acres on his own headright and 50 acres for his wife and each additional member of his family, including slaves. His own headright was free of any charges except fees for survey and grant, but he would have had to purchase each additional 50 acres at prices ranging from one to four shillings per acre, depending on the grade of land, and land along the Beaverdam Creek was considered very desirable. Thus, basing the size of his family on the acreage applied for would indicate that he must have had seven children then living in his household, because the Tax List showed that he paid only 1 poll in 1785, and that on his own head. Each slave would have represented 1/2 poll, and each son then of age would have represented 1 poll. From this it could be concluded that he owned no slaves and none of his sons were old enough to pay a poll tax.

Listed here are the names and approximate ages of the four sons mentioned in his will made in 1796, and one probable son who must have been deceased before 1796. He mentioned daughters, but did not name them.

1. William'Hansard (III) b. ca. 1775 m1. Milley _____
m2. Sarah Fannin
2. Jesse Brown Hansard b. 5-15-1781 m. Polly Bonds(Bond)
3. John Hansard b. ca. 1782 m1. Sarah _____
m2. Rhoda Hubbard
m3. Jane Tyner
4. Thomas Scott Hansard b. ca. 1785/90 m. Penelope Nelms(?)
Susannah Hansard b.
Richard Hansard b.

Many present day descendants from the first and third sons use the name HANSFORD, but most of the descendants from William and Janet use the name HANSARD. The earliest link found joining these HANSFORD and HANFORD families to the same earlier ancestors is a Deed of Gift in Wilkes Co. Ga., from Benjamin Hubbard to "the children of John Hansford, viz: Loranzey, Eli and Saruna (names spelled as written in the deed), which are my Grand Children of Elbert County." This is found in Wilkes Co. Will Book HHH, 1823-1825, at page 50.

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Children of W
4. i.   JESSE BROWN4 HANSARD, b. May 15, 1781, Probably in Prince Edward County, Virginia; d. March 10, 1858, Old Milton Co., Ga.
  ii.   WILLIAM HANSARD III, b. Abt. 1775; m. (1) MILLEY UNKNOWN; m. (2) SARAH FANNIN.
  iii.   JOHN HANSARD, b. Abt. 1782; m. (1) SARAH UNKNOWN; m. (2) RHODA HUBBARD; m. (3) JANE TYNER.
  iv.   THOMAS SCOTT HANSARD, b. Abt. 1785; m. PENELOPE NELMS (?).

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