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Descendants of Alan Eppes

Generation No. 10

Child of L
25. i.   JAMES11 EPPES.

16. MARY10 ROBERTSON (MARY9 EPPES, LEWELLEN8, LITTLEBURY7, FRANCIS6, FRANCIS5, JOHN4, ALAN3, JOHN2, ALAN1) died 1784. She married JR. RICHARD JONES December 14, 1769. He died 1813.

Notes for J
Richard was a Major he married Mary Robertson, daughter of James
Robertson and his wife, Mary Eppes, on 14 Dec 1769 he was of Chesterfield
Co., and served in the Revolutionary War; he was living at :The
Poplars,: north of Nottoway Courthouse, at the time of his death in 1813.

Child of M
26. i.   MARY EPES11 JONES, b. August 16, 1777; d. March 26, 1793.

17. ELIZABETH10 GIBBONS (ANN9 EPPES, EDWARD8, DANIEL7, JOHN6, FRANCIS5, JOHN4, ALAN3, JOHN2, ALAN1) was born November 12, 1774 in Surrey Co., Virginia/Albemarle Parish, VA, and died August 04, 1851 in TN, Hardeman Co., USA.. She married JAMES STEWART CHISUM January 26, 1794 in TN, Hawkins, USA,, son of ELIJAH CHISUM and LUCINDA CLAIRBORNE. He was born November 26, 1774 in VA, Halifax Co., USA, and died in TN, Hardeman Co., USA.

Notes for E
Helen Hall shows a death date on her group sheet of 1851 ?

Source Hardeman Co. TN Probates Wills 1845-1901
Spelling and punctuation as written

Last Will and Testament of Elizabeth Chisum

I Elizabeth Chisum (widow of James) of Hardeman County of State of Tennessee do make and publish this my last will and testament hereby revoking all wills by me heretofore made.

lst I give to my beloved son John G. my Bureau Table Cupboard cooking utensils knives forks and spoons.

2nd I give to my beloved daughters to wit Rebecca Robinson Nancy Vernon Livinia Turner and Elizabeth my beds bedstids and clothing to be equally divided between them.

3rd I give to my sons Claiborne and Thomas and my daughters Polly Johnson and the heirs of Lucy Hill one dollar each.

4th In consideration of my son John being youngest and not to well provided for (in?) land as the balance I give unto him my Negroes Jacob Dinah Siller Elridge Sam and Emily them and their increase all my money notes and accounts stock in fact everything I may leave I give to my son John except the gift above mentioned to my four daughters.

Lastly I hereby constitute and appoint my son John executor to this my last will and testament in testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal 24th July 1844.

Elizabeth Chisum (Seal)

Signed sealed and published in our presence and we have subscribed our names hereto in the presence of the testator the day and date above written.

John Caldwell Inv.t (?)
James Toone Inv.t (?)

State of Tennessee County Court August....? 1851 Hardeman County was this the sithin?, last will and testament of Elizabeth Chisum produced in open court and duly proven by the oaths of James Toone and John Caldwell the two subscribing witnesses to the same and ordered by t he court to be recorded and filed 4th Aug. 1851.
R.P. Neely Clk
L.B. Adam Dle# (3)

Elizabeth (Betsy) Gibbons, daughter of Thomas Gibbons and his wife , Anne Eppes. James and Elizabeth were married in Hawkins Co., TN. 2 6 Jan 1794.

More About E
Burried: Hardeman Co., Tennessee

Notes for J
On 1 Aug 1795 James was commissioned Lieutenant in Hawkins Co. Militia by Territorial Gov. William Blount. On 16 Jun 1800 he was commissioned Capt. in Grainger Co. Militia Reg and was living in Claiborne Co. at its organization in 1801, where he was a member of the Co. Court. James and Elijah Chisum removed to Middle Dist. of Tenn in 1801 after Elijah purchased 3000 acres of land. By 1809 James was in White Co. and was a recognized surveyor of Tenn. lands.

James Chisholm of Hawkins Co. TN; he served in the War of 1812, after which he was known as Major Chisholm; he represented Overton Co. in the State Senate of Tennessee, 1820-1823; He entered service 8 Oct 1811 as a private under Capt. Abel Willis Co, Col. Thomas McCorory's Reg. West Tenn Militia.

He transferred 17 Oct 1813 to Capt. William Russell's Co., Mounted Spies; served to 4 Apr 1814, residence at that time was Monroe Co.

The Mallary book says of James: "James remained in Overton Co., TN where he became the founder and trustee with Moses Fiske of the Fiske Female Academy (the first girls' school in the territory south of the Ohio River) . From 1819 to the time they moved to Hardeman Co., TN, he was a member of the Tenn. Assembly or Legislature. The whole family was well educated and interested in helping others to get an education.

From 1821 to 1825 James represented Overton, Jackson and White Counties in the 14th and 15th General Assemblies of the Tenn. State Senate.

In 1823 He came to Hardeman Co. and settled on land on Clover Creek near Cloverport. He was a Major of the Militia of Hardeman County. His home Place was owned by his son-in-law Robert Hicks Vernon and was known as the "Old Vernon place". On it is an old cemetery in which lie James Chisum and his wife and beside them lie Robert H. Vernon and his wife Nancy . Major James Chisum died intestate in 1834 and his wife Elizabeth died in 18 51.

They had ten children.

Besides a large plantation in Hardeman Co., TN, he owned a lumber mill, several farms as well as seventeen slaves. He died in Bolivar, TN in 1835.

Found in Hardeman Co., TN, 21 July 1837 is the following in Deed Bk . E, p.287: Claiborne Chisum, Thomas G. Chisum, John Johnson and wife Polly, Walter Robinson and wife Rebecca, Andrew Turner and wife Levina, Jonah Robinson and wife Elizabeth, to Robert H. Vernon (Husband of Nancy Epps Chisum) claim they may be entitled at death of Elizabeth Chisum, widow of James, in dower.

6 June 1836, James S. Chisum sells to George Overton, land in 10th Dist. R#, Sec. 6, 268 1/2 acres.

21 Sept. 1836, Hardeman Co., TN is settlement with Robert H. Vernon , administrator of the estate of James S. Chisum.

He became an extensive dealer in lands in Western Tennessee; he died in 1835 at his home in Hardeman Co.

Issues: Mary, Claiborne (father of John S . Chisholm,"cattle King" of the 1870's, for whom the Chisholm Trail was named), Lucinda, Rebecca, Nancy Eppes, Thomas G., Levina, James S., Elizabeth, and John G. Chisholm, and in 1840, they removed with their family to what is now Lamar Co. Texas.

Their daughter Sarah was twice married:
1.Benjamin Turner. 2. Dr. Henry G. McDonald. Of the first marriage was born John Benjamin Turner, father of the compiler of this material. Of the second marriage, a son, William J. Mc Donald, was born 21 Dec. 1844; he never married and, at his death in 1926, he left the bulk of his fortune to the University of Texas for the purpose of building an astronomical observatory. The observatory, built on Mt. Locke, was completed in 1939 and has the second telescope in size in this country.

James was appointed as Justice of the Peace of the newly formed Claiborne Co., TN in 1801; he was 27 years old. He, along with his father Elijah and brother John, formed the Chisum Land Company in Overton Co., TN. It is said they were quite wealthy.

Maude Pirtle Taylor Notes:
Major James Chisum removed with his father's family from Virginia to NC, and resided in the District of Washington and Sullivan Counties, which was included in the South West Territory in 1789. They were living in that part of Sullivan that became Hawkins Co., NC in 1786. Thomas Gibbons family also lived in the same district during the Rev. War. James Chisum was a surveyor by profession, and many deeds of East, and also West TN, bear his signature; also early town-sites plats, and county boundaries, maps, etc.

He served also as Capt., and later, Major of the Hardeman Co. Militia.

Received from M. Louise (Click) McPherson, date of birth to be 26 Nov 1774 instead of Jan.

1835 Adam Ross Simonton of Iredell Co., NC power of atty to James S . Chisum to sell land allotted to Wife, Jane, one of the Legatees of Washington Byers, Dec'd Hardeman Co., Deeds E, 8

More About J
Burried: Chisum Homeplace, TN, Cloversport, USA
Fact 5: October 01, 1998
Children of E
27. i.   LAVINIA11 CHISUM, b. February 10, 1808, TN, Claiborne Co., USA; d. Aft. 1874.
28. ii.   MARY ANN CHISUM, b. March 06, 1795, TN, Hawkins Co., USA; d. March 24, 1853, Paris, TX, Lamar Co., USA.
29. iii.   LUCINDA CHISUM, b. January 16, 1800, TN, Grainger Co., USA; d. Abt. 1834.
30. iv.   THOMAS GIBBONS CHISUM, b. March 20, 1806, TN, Claiborne Co., USA; d. February 27, 1855.
  v.   JAMES SIMPSON CHISUM, b. January 29, 1810, TN, White Co., USA; d. Bef. December 20, 1884, Hardeman Co., TN.
James never Married, died intestate in Hardeman Co., TN.
M. Louise (Click) McPherson, shows a death date of Abt 1836

James never Married,died intestate in Hardeman Co., TN.
M. Louise (Click) McPherson, shows a death date of Abt 1836

31. vi.   ELIZABETH CHISUM, b. August 27, 1812, TN, White Co., USA; d. March 06, 1893, TN, Hardeman Co., USA..
32. vii.   JOHN GIBBONS CHISUM, b. December 14, 1818, TN, White Co., USA; d. August 31, 1905, TN, Tipton Co., USA.
33. viii.   CLAIRBORN CHISUM, b. June 22, 1797, TN, Grainger Co., USA; d. October 21, 1857, Paris, TX, Lamar Co., USA.
34. ix.   REBECCA B. CHISUM, b. January 31, 1802, Claiborne, TN; d. TN, Hardeman Co., USA.
35. x.   NANCY EPPES CHISUM, b. February 04, 1804, TN, Claiborne Co., USA; d. October 05, 1844, TN, Hardeman Co., USA.

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