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Descendants of Alan Eppes

Generation No. 4

4. JOHN4 EPPES (ALAN3, JOHN2, ALAN1) was born 1550 in Lydde, Kent England, and died November 19, 1627 in Brooks, Eng, Kent Co.. He married THOMASINE FISHER June 15, 1579 in Detling, Dent England.

Notes for J
He is buried in the church yard in Ashford. John Eppes of Ashford, Co. Kent "gentleman, householder". He made his cousin Allin (Allen) Epes one of the overseers of his will. He married Thomazine Bankes, sister of John Bankes of Maidenstone. From his will and from the church registers of the Parish of Ashford, the records of his children are taken.

In England, a householder is one who inhabits a dwelling or tenement of such a nature as to qualify him for the exercise of the franchise. The word "house-keeper" was formerly synonymous with "householder." Louis B . Wright writing on Middle-Class Culture in Elizabethan England, says that, in the old manorial sense, house-keepers were those who gave "employment to swarms of retainers and dispensed hospitality to the countryside.

Thomazine is the sister of John Bankes of Maidenstone. Her childrens names come from church reg. of Ashford Parish in Eng. Kent Co.

More About J
Burried: Ashford, Eng, Kent Co.
Children of J
  ii.   WILLIAM EPPES, b. March 1595, Kent Co, Ashford Eng; d. Bef. March 03, 1643, Kent Co. Ashford? Eng; m. MARGARET, Aft. 1612, Kent Co. Eng.
  Notes for WILLIAM EPPES:
William was baptized in Ashford 7 March 1594/95; he left a will dated 13
Jan. 1640/41 and proved 3 March 1642/43. In March and April 1616 he
traveled with his cousins Thomas and Richard Godfrey in France and in the
Low Countries. He journeyed to Virginia in 1618 as a passenger on the
sailing ship William and Thomas. His wife Margaret arrived 3 years later
on the George. They both appear on the 1625 census of Accomack
Plantation in what later became Northampton County, Virginia, where they
dwelled until about 1630, having received in 1627 a patent for 450 acres
of land at the mouth of King Creek. In 1625 William had been
commissioned as commander of the colony on the eastern shore. Some
historians have asserted that William Epes fought in the first duel ever
to be staged in Virginia when he killed Captain Stalling but the report
to London indicated that the killing was simply the result of a drunken
brawl (Whitelaw: Virginia's Eastern Shore, 1968, Vol, I, pp. 24, 26, 140,
145, 156). It is said that in 1630 William having become involved in an
adulterous affair with a married woman, had to flee hastily from Virginia
to St. Kitts. Here he soon became a member of the Council of Governor
Sir Thomas Warner. He was back in Ashford by 1640, living there the rest
of his days.

Following is from footnotes in "Adventurers Of Purse and Person Virginia
1607-1625", pages 160-164, by A. L. Jester (Princeton, 1956):

Capt. Wm. Epes ..... 1618, and shortly thereafter, on shipboard just off
Newport News, engaged in a quarrel with Captain Edward Roecroft alias
Capt. Stellenge, stricking him with his sword still sheathed in its
scabbard "cleft" his skuli(sic). Roecroft died the next day. Epes,
tried, was found quilty of manslaughter, but after a short while was
restored to his command at Smythe's Hundred. In 1624 he was engaged in
a controversy with Ensign Savage on the Eastern Shore and "did lay Ensign
Savage neck and heels." ...

Family History: 217 Genealogy Books

The Eastern A MUSTER of the Inhabitants of the Easterne\
Shore. Shore, over the Baye.\

NICHOLAS RAYNBERD, age 22, in the SWAN, 1624.
WILLIAM BURDITT, age 25, in the SUSAN, 1615.

THOMAS CORNISH, age 25, in the DUTIE, 1620.
PEETER PORTER, age 19, in the TIGER, 1621.
JOHN BAKER, age 20, in the ANN, 1623.
EDWARD ROGERS, age 26, in the ANN, 1623.
THOMAS WARDEN, aged 24, in the ANN, 1623.
BENJAMIN KNIGHT, age 28, in the BONA NOVA, 1620.
NICHOLAS GRANGER, age 15, in the GEORGE, 1618.
WILLIAM MUIMES, age 25, in the SAMPSON, 1619.
HENRIE WILSON, age 24, in the SAMPSON, 1619.
JAMES BLACKBORNE, age 20, in the SAMPSON, 1619.
NICHOLAS SUMERFILD, age 15, in the SAMPSON, 1619.

Fact 6: March 07, 1595, Ashford, Eng, Kent Co.

5. iii.   COL. FRANCIS EPPES, b. May 1597, Ashford, Kent England; d. Charles City Co. VA.
  iv.   ALLEN EPPES, b. 1598.
  More About ALLEN EPPES:
Fact 6: October 22, 1598, Ashford, Eng, Kent Co.

  v.   MARY EPPES, b. 1599; m. WILLIAM ROPER, March 03, 1622.
  More About MARY EPPES:
Fact 6: November 18, 1599, Ashford, Eng, Kent Co.

  vi.   PETER EPPES, b. 1601.
  More About PETER EPPES:
Fact 6: April 14, 1601, Ashford, Eng, Kent Co..

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