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Descendants of --- de Presbyter (Prester/de Praers).

Generation No. 14

14. THOMAS PRATER14 (GENTLEMAN) (ANTHONY THOMAS PRATER13, GEORGE PRATER12 (ESQUIRE), JOHN PRATER11, WILLIAM PRATER (ESQUIRE) (DE10 PRAERS?), --- PRATER (DE PREERS /9 PRAERS), --- PRATER (DE8 PREERS/PRAERS), --- PRATER (DE7 PRAERS?), --- PRATER (DE6, --- PRATER (PRETOR) (DE5, ROBERTUS PRETOR (PRATER) (DE4, WILLIAMUS PRETOR (PRATER/DE3 PRAERS), GUILLIUMUS (WILLIAMUS) JOHONNIE2 PRATER, --- DE PRESBYTER (PRESTER/DE1 PRAERS).) was born 1577 in Stanton St. Bernard, Wiltshire, England, and died 1628 in Eatonwater, Wiltshire Co. England. He married MARGARET QUINTYNE June 04, 1599 in Clyffe Pepard Church, Shefford Magna, Wiltshire, England, daughter of HENRY QUINTYNE and ALICE. She was born 1578 in Nushton Manor, Wiltshire Co., England, and died 1628 in England (probably Wiltshire Co.).

Thomas Prater was the 6th born child in his family. He was named after his first born brother who had died.

Thomas was raised at Eaton Water and Stanton St. Bernard in Wiltshire. We find him living, as an adult, at Eaton Water House, Eaton Water, on the Cricklade, Wiltshire, England.

Thomas must have gained his position by the grace of other family members and his wifes dowery. He was not a wealthy person but he owned his own land at Eaton Water. His business was the woolen trade, farming, and ferrier. (Eaton Water was located on the banks of the Thames River where he owned a ferry) Eaton water was also a place that people, who used the river to transport their goods to the ports of London, could stop and feed their livestock and find food and lodgeing for themselves. Eaton Water was a part of the old family estates that also consisted of Latton Manor and Inglesham Manor, all of which sat along the banks of the Thames River in Northern Wiltshire on what is called the Cricklade, Stanton St. Bernard Manor is located in South central Wiltshire about 50 miles south of Eaton Water Manor.

Stanton St. Bernard Manor was owned by Thomas's father Anthony Prater. Anthony Prater, who was excommunicated, lost almost all of his property by the time of his death in the late 1500's. His Son Thomas, being the youngest son, had little or no inheritance. Thomas's mother died about a year after his birth little is known about him but we do know that he was taken, as a baby, to relatives in the families North Wiltshire estates to be suckeled and cared for.


Thomas Prater and his brother William Prater of Stauntion Bernard, (Staunton St. Bernard), Wiltshire conveyed to Henri Quintine of Cortonne, Wiltshire, all their interest, title, possession, etc. in the farm and other premises of Stauntion Bernard, 2 November 1601, To all trewe Christian people to whome theis presents shall come We Thomas Prater and William Prater of Stauntion Barnard in the countie of Wilts Gentlemen Send greeting in our lord God everlasting Whereas we the said Thomas and William Prater have and hould for terme of our Natural lives and for Terme of the longest Liver of us the Demyse and Graunte of Henri Earl of Penbrooke Lord Harbert of Cardyffe and of the most noble order of the Garter Knight All that Farme of Staunton Bernarde in the said county of Wilts and all Houses, Edifices and buildings Lands Meadow Leassuures Pastures, Feeding and HereditamenSts unto the said Farme belonging or in any wyse appertaining as by ye deede Indented thereof more at Large and maie doth appear. Knowe ye nowe that we the said Thomas Prater and William Prater for dyvers good and reasonable causes and considerations us and eyther of us now specially moving Have given graunted Bargained Sould Assigned and Sette Over and by theis Presents do fullie clearlie and absolutlie give graunt bargaine sell assign and set over unto Henrie Quintine of Cortonne in the countie of Wilts, Gentlemanne. All that our Right, Interest, Title, Possession, Claim and Demand which we or eyther of us have maie or might have, of in and to the said Farme and other the Premisses before specified and every or any parte and parcell thereof to gether whtih the said Deed Indented there of made by the said Earle to have and to houlde the said Farme and all other Premisses before theis presents mentioned to be given graunted bargained shuld assigned and sette over with all the Singular The apprtenances and all our and eyther of Our Rights Interest tytle possession Terme Calaime and Demaund of in and to the same together with ye said Deed Indented to the said Henrie Quintine his Executors and Assigned s for and During all such Estate and interests as one or either of us have or maie or mignt have of in or to the same. He the said Henrie Quintine his Executors and assignes yelding paying and doing all such Rents Duties and services as are comprised and reserved in and by the Indenture of Lease And observing and performing all covenants grants Articles and agreements specified in the said Deede Indented and on the part and behalf of the said Thomas and William or eyther of them to be Observed done and performed and farther knowe ye that we the said Thomas Prather and jwilliam Prater have assigned made ordained and in oru stede and place by theis presents put and constituted our wellbeloved in Christe Richard Hunton of Bushton in thee countie of Wilts, gent and Williamk Quintyne of Wylsfoorde in the said countie clearke our true and Lawfull attrneys Joyntlie and severallie of us and in our names to enter into the Messuage tenement or Farm lands of Stauton Bernarde afore sdaid with all and singular their Apurtenances or into anie parte thereof in the name of the Whole and full and peacable possession and Seizen for us and in our names to take, And after such possision an seyzen soe had and taken then for us and in our names to give and deliver possession and seyzen of and in the premisses with the appurtenanceses and every parte thereof to the said Henrie Quintyne his Executors and assignes to have and to hould accordintg to the tenoure purporte and true meaning heerof. Ratyhfying allowing and confirming all and what soever the Said Richard Hunton and William Quintyne or either of them Joyntlie and Severallie shall doe in or about the premissses by force of theis presents In witness whereof we the said Thomas and William Prater haveunto sett our Hands and Seals the second daie of November in the Three and foutheth yeare of the Raigne of our gracious Soveraigne Ladie Elizabeth by the grace of God of England Fraunce and Ireland Queene Defender of the faith etc.

He may have been raise by these relatives until his father remarried or he may have stayed with these relatives until his adulthood. Thomas lived at Eaton Water House when his son Thomas Prater/ Prather was born about 1604 and this Thomas came to America in 1622.

Praters still live in near by Manors today, but sadley, they know little about their heritage.
(research by Gary Benton Prather)

Occupation: The Manor of Eaton Water

During my visit to Clyffe Pepard in 1988, I found records that stated the only Quintyne left in the manor (villiage) (yr. 1619) was one "orphaned boy" "half starved and living by the grace of others". This was only 20 years after Margaret had married and moved to Eaton Water (Latton estates), Wiltshire. The Quintyne family had fallen from a powerful family in Clyffe Papard. All primary male heirs were dead. Margaret became the heir and her holdings became her "dowery" for marriage to Thomas Prater.
Gary Benton Prather






THOMAS15 PRATHER/PRATER, b. Abt. 1604, near Eaton Water, Wiltshire, England; d. Abt. 1666, Near Elizabeth Citties, Virginia.






ALICE PRATER, b. Abt. February 18, 1600.






RICHARD PRATER, b. December 26, 1604, Wiltshire, England.






GEORGE PRATER, b. Abt. 1601, Wiltshire Co., England; d. January 21, 1602, Clyffe Pypard, Wiltshire, England.

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