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Descendants of --- de Presbyter (Prester/de Praers).

Generation No. 12

12. GEORGE PRATER12 (ESQUIRE) (JOHN PRATER11, WILLIAM PRATER (ESQUIRE) (DE10 PRAERS?), --- PRATER (DE PREERS /9 PRAERS), --- PRATER (DE8 PREERS/PRAERS), --- PRATER (DE7 PRAERS?), --- PRATER (DE6, --- PRATER (PRETOR) (DE5, ROBERTUS PRETOR (PRATER) (DE4, WILLIAMUS PRETOR (PRATER/DE3 PRAERS), GUILLIUMUS (WILLIAMUS) JOHONNIE2 PRATER, --- DE PRESBYTER (PRESTER/DE1 PRAERS).) was born Bet. 1510 - 1512 in Inglesham, Wiltshire, or Eaton Water, Wiltshire, England, and died Abt. June 15, 1564 in Nunney, Somerset - traveling to/from. He married JANE PLOTT Abt. 1534 in Shefford Magna, Wiltshire, England, daughter of RICHARD PLOTT and ALICE ---. She was born Bet. 1515 - 1516 in Blewberye (Blueberry), Berkshire, England, and died Abt. 1587.

George Prater lived at Latton, Wiltshire which has been in existence since before the Roman occupation of England. There are still old Roman ruins there today.

I believe that George was the Reeve of Nunney, Somerset, working under his cousin Sir William Paulet. George later purchased the holdings of Nunney from his cousin in a tax deal, which kept the Manor of Nunney in the family. Nunney Castle was included in this transaction which was handled by a Jack Prater. We do not know how Jack is related to the family , it is possible that Jack was the "nick" name for John. This was a very common "nick" name that was used in those days. Records state that Nunney was purchased out of the estate of George's father John.

George lived during the time that King Henry VIII created the Church of England and discontinued recognizing the Cathlic Church. This was a harsh time for the Praters, because they were Cathlic. Most of the Christian world was Cathlic at this point in history. The Praters were taxed heavily for their religion, but because of their high social and politicial connections they continued to do well. Also they were related to many other noble and titled families.

Records state that George died "enterstate". I believe that he died while working at Nunney. He was buried in his church at Latton, Wiltshire. His tomb is under the floor of the church in the 7th isle. People of this period in history believed that they would surely go to heaven if they were buried in the church. Only the wealthiest could afford a place in the church. This accounts for the records that I was forturate to find.

*George Prater bought from Roger Yonge, in 1543, messuages and lands in Cryklade, Chelworth Magna, Chelworth parva and Coldcott for 190 marks.

*George Prater bought from Michael Quintyne, Gentleman and Margaret his wife, in 1559, messuages in Lydyarde Treygoose and Cancourt for 430 marks.

*George Prater was listed at Stanton St.Bernard Parish, Wiltshire with the highest assessment of taxpayers for the benevolence of 1545 of Swanborough Hundred.

Spelling variations of his name found in the records:
Prator, Praytor, Prater, Pretor, Preter, Praiter, Pratero, Pratellis.
The records of England are probably the best in the world when it comes to early history. Especially if you are forturate enough to be descended from noblity.

Research by Gary Benton Prather

Burried: Latton, Wiltshire, in his manor church
Occupation: Latton manor and others

Notes for JANE PLOTT:
Jane Plott was from Blueberry Manor, Blueberry, Berkshire, England

The manor of Blueberry (Bluebury) was once in the holdings of Gerald of Windsor. For this reason I believe that the Plott family were descended from the Geraldine lines. Other Geraldine lines include Carew, Fitzgerald, Fitzsteven, Fitzwarren, Fitzwalter, Fitzhugh, Marshall and many others.

Jane Plotts husband, George Prater came into possession of other properties of Latton, Wiltshire from the heirs of the Earl of St.German (Ellis). Latton, Wilts. is recorded as belonging to Reinbold de Presbyster (Prater) the first Chancelor of England after the Norman conquest (1066). Reinbold de Presbyter (the Elder) (Prater) was a powerful Lord who was well established in England before the Norman conquest, he was also a priest of Noble linage. The noble priest of this period in history were usually of a fighting class of man who had right to hold arms and had their own army, such was the case with Rienbold. He also held the Manor of Frome in Somerset which was located next to the Manor of Nunney.

The name Prater was the Angelican version of the latin word Presbyter. Presbyter, Prater, The Elder, Praetor, Praetorian was a class of people of early Roman times who were Magistrates, Tustices, and Learned Men whose position was usually inherited and passed down in the family. It is believed that a descendant of this class was attached to the Norman and English Crowns and held their power though their connection with the Church. Our Prater family is believed to have descended from this class of people. The Praters of England held such positions of power though out the country, both of the Crown and Church.

by Gary Benton Prather

The Will of Jane Prater:

In the name of God Amen; the xviith day of January in the xxixth yeare of the Raigne of our moste gratious Soveraigne Lady Elizabeth Quene of Englande, France and Ireland defender of the fayth etc. I Jane Prater of latton in the county of Wiltes Wydowe beinge of whole mynde and in good and perfitt remembrance, laude and prayse be to god for the same, make and ordayne this my present testament concerninge my last will in manner and forme following, (id est) First I commende my soule unto almightie god my maker and redemer and my bodie to be buryed in the church of Latton, Item I give to the churche of Latton vd (5d), Item I give to the churche of Sarum xiid (12d), Item I give unto the Cricklade St. Sampson xiid (12d), Item I give to sonne Nicholas Prater 3 vis viiid (-L3:6:8) Item I give unto my daughter Dorothye Provender one feather bed which now I lye one Asloe I give to Margaret Spenser one silver Saulte parcell gilte the silver saulte in now in the keeping of my sonne Anthony Prater alsoe I give to William Prater one golde ringe the which ringe is nowe in the Keepinge of William Kemble, Item I give to Robert Prater and George Prater one silver bowle parcell gilte the which bowle my forsyed sonne anthony nowe keepeth Item I give to Mary Prater and to Jane Prater iiii or silver spones, Item I give to George Williamses one brasse pott, Item I give to Richard Haywarde one quarter of barley Item I give to Jane Robertes one rede peticoate and two bushels of barley, Item I give to Jane Ashtone and her daughter Jane one silver spoone Also I give to every godchilde that I have xiid a peece Item I give to Joan Leinell my goune, Item my will is that all thes my giftes shalbe delivered within one year after my decease, I tem my will is that,my son Anthony Prater shall have goveranance and bringinge upp of William Prater and shall have the use of his stocke untill the saide William acoomplishe and come to the age of xxi yeares, soe that the saied Anthonly will discharge my executor wholly of the saied stocke Thae sazied Anthony now haveing on hundred poundes in his hands of the saied alsoe my will is that my executor shall have the governance bringinge of Jane Prater untill she accomplishe the saied age of xxi yeares and alsoe shall have the use of her stocke, dueringe the saied terme, The rest of my goodes movable and unmoveable not given nor bequeathed my debtes paied and funerall expenses discharged, I give my sonne Bartholomew Prater whome I make my whole and lawfull executro to see that this my last will and testament be well and trewlye performed Item I make and ordaine William Kemble and George Provender my overseers of this my will and testament, Witnessess her John Tomes, Edward Douie, Randell Ashtone, with others.

Children of GEORGE (ESQUIRE) and JANE PLOTT are:

13. i.   ANTHONY THOMAS PRATER13 (GENTLEMAN), b. 1545, near Latton, Wiltshire Co., England; d. August 21, 1593, Stanton St. Bernard (his manor estate).
  ii.   RICHARD PRATER, b. Abt. 1540, Latton Manor, Wiltshire, England; d. May 1580, Nunney, Somerset, England.
  iii.   GEORGE PRATER, b. Bet. 1550 - 1560, Latton, Wiltshire, England; d. April 25, 1591, Wiltshire, England.
  iv.   DOROTHY PRATER, b. Bet. 1550 - 1560, Latton Manor, Wiltshire, England.
  v.   NICHOLAS PRATER, b. Bet. 1550 - 1560, Latton Manor, Wiltshire, England; d. Abt. June 23, 1589, London, England.
  vi.   BARTHOLOMEW PRATER, b. Abt. 1560, Latton Manor, Wiltshire, England; d. March 09, 1620, Shorncott Parish, Wiltshire, England.
  vii.   ALICE (ALIS) PRATER, b. Bet. 1550 - 1560, Latton Manor, Wiltshire, England.
  viii.   MARGARET PRATER, b. Bet. 1550 - 1560, Latton Manor, Wiltshire, England.
  ix.   ELINOR PRATER, b. Latton Manor, Wiltshire, England; d. may have died young?.
  x.   JOHN PRATER, d. October 1591, Wooton Bassett, Wiltshire, England.

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