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Descendants of --- de Presbyter (Prester/de Praers).

Generation No. 11

11. JOHN PRATER11 (ESQUIRE) (WILLIAM PRATER (ESQUIRE) (DE10 PRAERS?), --- PRATER (DE PREERS /9 PRAERS), --- PRATER (DE8 PREERS/PRAERS), --- PRATER (DE7 PRAERS?), --- PRATER (DE6, --- PRATER (PRETOR) (DE5, ROBERTUS PRETOR (PRATER) (DE4, WILLIAMUS PRETOR (PRATER/DE3 PRAERS), GUILLIUMUS (WILLIAMUS) JOHONNIE2 PRATER, --- DE PRESBYTER (PRESTER/DE1 PRAERS).) was born Bet. 1480 - 1492 in Probably Eaton Water, Wiltshire, England, and died June 20, 1547 in Inglesham, Wiltshire, England. He married ELENE (KINGSTON?) Abt. 1515 in Inglesham, Wiltshire, England, daughter of ---- KINGSTON and UNKNOWN. She was born Abt. 1493 in Probably Painswick, Gloucestershire Co., England, and died Abt. 1557 in Inglesham, Wiltshire, England.

I believe that John Prater was a Reeve or other official who held his position under Sir Anthony Kingston. Sir Anthony Kingston was "Provost Marshall in the Field" (Cornwall) for the king of England.

John Prater, like others in the history of the family, held a position in the judicuary. He may have been a Baliff or Reeve, acting or "Holding" under Sir Anthony Kingston.

In Johns wifes will she stated that she had monies due her from Sir Anthony Kingston. These monies may have been an enheritance OR fees due her husband for services rendered.

Spelling variations found in the records for his name: Prater, Pretor, Preter, Preiter, Prator.

Research continues..................

Gary Benton Prather

He owned acreage which bordered 3 shires including severial Manors. Some of these were Inglesham, Eaton Water, Hook, Stanton St. Bernard, Latton, and properties in Nunney, Oxford, etc. (
see map) The family controled the woolin trade in that parrt of Enland, they owned all the major Wool Washing/Processing centers as well as controlling major grazing and thousands of head of Sheep. They held extremely powerful positions in the Kingdom.

Burried: Prater Chancel, Inglesham Church
Occupation: Inglesham Manor and others

Notes for ELENE (KINGSTON?):
Elene is thought to be a related to Sir Anthony Kingston of Painswick, Gloucestershire who married Mary Courtenay.

Sir Anthony Kingston was Provost - Marshal in Cornwell, Knighted by King Henry VIII, 18 Oct. 1537. Also served in House of Commons. Died: 14 Apr. 1556. Sir William Kingston, (prob. the brother of Elene) was Knighted in 1513 and was the Keeper of the Tower of London when Ann Bolyn was beheaded there. The title of Keeper of the Tower of London was one of the most powerful positions to hold under King Henry VIII.

The Manor of West Kingston descended to the Ivye family from the Kingstons.

The Kingstons, Ivye (Ivrye), De la Mere (Delamare), Scope, Carew, St.John, Mallot, Bohun, Courtenay, and Prater families were all allied families which had entermarried into one anothers families for generations.
*The Courtenay family was directly descended from "Pharamond" the first King of France (ca. the year 480)
*Kingstones were Irish Barons (Baron King) and the Earls of Kingsbourgh. *The De la Meres were Norman and desended from a powerful Baron named Norman whose Castle was on a lake in Normandy. (ca. the year 940) and beleived to be descended from King Charlemagine.
*Carew was descended from Sir Otho of Windsor a younger son of Otho the 7th Count of Vermindos, who himself was descended from Pepin III King of Italy, the younger son of King Charlemagine.
*Scope family descended from powerful Norman Barons that date back to Edward the Confessor (ca. the year 900's). A descendant held the position of Chief Justice under King Edward 1.

For many years we have thought Elene (Kingston) Prater to be close to Sir Anthony Kingston because Elene mentions Sir Anthony Kingston in her Will. We have since found information from the coat-of-arms of Anthony Prater, her grandson that indicates she was related to the Kingstons and de la Mares. Sir William Kingston was Knighted in 1513 and was a Knight of the Garter 24 apr., 1538. He died 14 Sept., 1540.

We are not sure how Sir William Kingston or Sir Anthony Kingston are related to Elene but we think she may have been a Kingston or Delamare. It is certain that Sir Anthony Kingston was related to her in such a way that she was a close enough relative to have listed Sir Anthony Kingston as a benefactor to her estate in her Will.

by GBPrather 1993

The Will of Eleane Prater:

In the name of god Amen the 20th daye of the moneth of June In the yere of our lord god 1547 and in the fyrste yere of the Reygne of Kynge Edward the VI. I Elene Prater Sycke in bodye and hole of mynde make my testament in this manner Awyse Fyrste I bequethe my Sowle unto all myghtye god my bodye to buryed in the Chancell of Inglesham by my husband. Item I bequethe to the hyghe aulter of Inglesham sijd (12d) Also I bequethe to the mother churche of Sarum vid. (6d) Also I gyve and Bequethe unto every daughter of John Prater my sone xx (20) marks at the tyme of theire marraige Also I bequeathe to his (2) sonnes everye of them xx (20) marks.. with xiii xiij iiijd (-Ll3:13:4) that was my husbands gyfte unto them and every of them vj xiij & iiijd (-L6:13:4) to be paydd them by the hands of my Sone George Prater Also I bequethe unto John Prey my oxen and my lyttell carte A mare and a Coulte that I boughte of Jamys my Servaunt my furred Petycott and nauntell and my bed that I do lye on And halfe the crope of the holde that he deawellyth in Also I bequethe unto Katheryne my made a Cowe Also I bequethe to Alyce my servant a heyfer of ij (2) yeres owlde Also I bequethe unto Elene my Servandt my Rede Sleveles Petycott A smocke and A kerchewe Also I bequethe unto every godchylde of myne viijd (8d) Also I wyll that every of my men servants to have bj viijd (6s. 8d) Excepte John Prety also I gyve and bequethe towards the performmaunce of the my wyll x (-L40) that Sir Anthony Kyngeston dothe owe me also I bequethe to the churche of Letcheled vj viijd (6s. 8d.) Item I bequeaths to fowes Rynggers iijd (4d) Item I bequethe to Sir John Vycar vi viijd (6s. 8d)
The Resydewe of all my goodes unbequethed unto Thomas Stephyns whome I make myne Executor thes beryng wyttenes Syr John Roddeys Vycar, John Baly, William Brystowe with others.

Note that Thomas Stephens married her daughter Joane Prater

We are still searching for the will of her husband John Prater.

On the thirtieth day of the month of August in the year of our Lord 1557 commission emanated to George Prater son of Elene Prater deceased and to Richard Prater and Nicholas Stephins nephews of the same Elene for administering the goods of the said deceased accordcing to the tenor of such will because the executor named in such will died before he took upon himself the burden of the execution of the said will for well etc. having been sworn vizt. the said George Prater in the person of Thomas Dockwrey notary public his proxy etc. and the Richard Prater and Nicholas Stephins being personally present etc. for an inventory..........
St.John family descended from powerful Norman Barons which came into England at the time of the Conquest (ca. the year 1066) from their Manorial Estates of St.Jeanes in Normandy.

Prater family is beleived to have descended from Welch Princes and Norman Marcher Barons who possibly descended from Roman Nobility.

research by Gary Benton Prather

Burried: With Husband, Prater Chancel, Inglesham Church
Children of JOHN (ESQUIRE) and ELENE (KINGSTON?) are:

12. i.   GEORGE PRATER12 (ESQUIRE), b. Bet. 1510 - 1512, Inglesham, Wiltshire, or Eaton Water, Wiltshire, England; d. Abt. June 15, 1564, Nunney, Somerset - traveling to/from.
  ii.   JOHN PRATER, b. Bet. 1515 - 1516, Inglesham, Wiltshire, England.
  iii.   JOANE PRATER, b. Abt. 1518, Inglesham, Wiltshire, England; m. THOMAS STEPHENS.

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