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Descendants of --- de Presbyter (Prester/de Praers).

Generation No. 10

10. WILLIAM PRATER (ESQUIRE) (DE10 PRAERS?) (--- PRATER (DE PREERS /9 PRAERS), --- PRATER (DE8 PREERS/PRAERS), --- PRATER (DE7 PRAERS?), --- PRATER (DE6, --- PRATER (PRETOR) (DE5, ROBERTUS PRETOR (PRATER) (DE4, WILLIAMUS PRETOR (PRATER/DE3 PRAERS), GUILLIUMUS (WILLIAMUS) JOHONNIE2 PRATER, --- DE PRESBYTER (PRESTER/DE1 PRAERS).) was born Bet. 1450 - 1460 in Eatonwater, Wiltshire Co. England. He married --- CAREW. She was born in Painswick, Gloucestershire, England?, and died in Probabaly Englesham, Wiltshire Co., England..

William was the first born son in.his family, thus making him the heir.

We are not able to find record of his fathers first name but it may very well have been William, Richard, or John this being the most promenant name given to the first born and heir of the family in the records that we have thus far found.

His father was a very powerful man, holding Eaton Water, Wiltshire as his "hold". The first of the family to live at Eaton Water was established there around the year 1086 or before. The half brother of King William held Eaton Water after 1066 but it was taken from him and given to other "servants of the King". We also know that Hugh de Drews held part of the area.

The statement of "the servants of the King" very well could have referred to our grandfather Guilliumus who was the Reeve of Powys. As a "Reeve of Powys" this meant that he was the Kings representative in Powys, thus the "Kings Servant". But never the less Gilliumus Johonnie Prater (Williamus John Prater) did give the College of Heraldry the Manor of Eaton water, Wiltshire England as his Manorial Estate and Seat of Power. His Coat-of-Arms was registered sometime around or before the 1100's.

It is also thought that Gilliumus (Williamus) had held the Manor of Eaton Water under the "Lordship" of Odo, the half brother to King William. But Odo betrayed his brother and all of his many estates in England were taken from him and given to many "loyal" servants of the King, many of which already held under Odo. Also note that Reinbald de Prater held the nearby Manor of Latton. Reinbald de Prater (Presbyter) was the first Chancellor of England. George Prater came into possession of Latton Manor in the early 1500 as inheitance. Latton Manor passed from Reinbald de Presbyster (Prater) ca. 1080's , in sucession to the Earls of St. German, Cliftons, Ellis families then in the early 1500's to George Prater. Latton Manor is located near Eaton Water, Inglesham, and other known Estates held by the Prater family.

The Prater name is also listed in old English records as alis; Preers, Praers, Prater, Pretor, Preter, Priest, Prierce, Presbyter, Praytor, Prat.

The estates descended to him stating that his Manorial Estate was Eaton Water in North Wiltshire (now Eaton Hastings). This man is descended from Guilliumus (Williamus) Johonnie (John) Prater. We do know that our Grandfather married a descendant of Brockwell Yscithoer, "The Prince of Powys" for which the 3 silver Wolf Heads in our Coat-of-Arms indicate. Another female descendant married a Delamare, from which we received "Nunney Castle".

Gary B. Prather

Burried: Inglesham, Wiltshire, England
Fact 5: He was the heir, he inherited Eaton as the 1st born son
Fact 6: Descended from Williams Prater
Occupation: Owned large estates, Eng.

Notes for --- CAREW:
Carew is a Welch word meaning "a fortification" or "a fortified house".

Gerald "of Windsor" built a Castle in Wales in 1109 which became known as
Carew Castle. This was one of his "seats of power", for he held severial Castles by the "grace" of the King of England.

One of his grandsons, William Fitz Gerald, became the heir of Carew Castle for which his name was then "stylized" as William de Carew. The name Carew then became the named used by his descendants.

Gerald de Windsor (of Windsor) was the son of Sir Walter de Windsor and Gladys (the Princess of North Wales). Sir Walter was the son of Sir Otho de Windsor, he and his son Walter were the Constables of the Castle and Manor of Windsor. Gerald never held this title but was a highly place official in Wales for the King of England. He was known as the Kings "Lord" in Wales. Gerald de Windsor was married to Nesta (the Princess of South Wales). This gave the King of England a unique hold over the Welch, with Gerald being of Norman/Welch desent and the Kings "Lord" in Wales.

All of these people were our grandparents though the material side of our family. George Prater of Latton,Wiltshire had included in his Coat-of-Arms the simbols of the Carew family indicating that they were from his material family.As well as established records proving the Prater and Carew connection. North and South Wales was divided by a Kingdom named "Powys". The Prater Coat-of-Arms also shows that another grandmother was the Princess of Powys. The 3 Wolf Heads on the lower shield are the Arms of Brockwell Yscitheor "the Prince of Powys" --his daughter married our grandfather. The Kings of Wales claimed to be descended from great Noble Romans/Trojans.

      Descends from William de Fitzgerald (William de Carew) who was grandson of Gerald de PitzWalter (Gerald of Windsor) who was the son of Sir Walter de FitzOthero (Walter of Windsor) who was the son of Sir Othero of Windsor (Sir Othero was a Welch / Norman adventurer from Norway) 945 A.D. to 1050 A.D. he was son of Gerald Dais Lopez of Italy and Norway. Gerald Dais Lopez descended from Cosmos Lopez of Florence, Italy.

Sir Othero and then his son Walter FitzOthero were Constables of Windsor. The seat of power in Saxon England. It is thought that these people descended from the Counts of Vermindois who in turn descended from Pepin, King of Italy and Lombardi. This stands for reason, sense they married the daughters of the Kings of North and South Wales. Carew Castle stands today, it is currently being restored by the National Trust of England. This Castle fell into the hands of severial owners though the years and most of the information currently available for the generial public does NOT discuss the builder or Carews which held it for generations. But this information is available in the Welch historicial records.

Children of WILLIAM PRAERS?) and --- CAREW are:





JOHN PRATER11 (ESQUIRE), b. Bet. 1480 - 1492, Probably Eaton Water, Wiltshire, England; d. June 20, 1547, Inglesham, Wiltshire, England.






WILLIAM PRATER, b. Bet. 1480 - 1495, Inglesham, Wiltshire, England; d. Bremhill, Wiltshire, England.






NICHOLAS PRATER, b. Bet. 1475 - 1480, Eatonwater, Wiltshire Co. England; d. Prob. Stoke Gabriel, Devon, England.






THOMAS PRATER, b. Abt. 1499, Wiltshire Co., England; d. Prob. Devon, England.

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