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Descendants of --- de Presbyter (Prester/de Praers).

Generation No. 3

3. WILLIAMUS PRETOR (PRATER/DE3 PRAERS) (GUILLIUMUS (WILLIAMUS) JOHONNIE2 PRATER, --- DE PRESBYTER (PRESTER/DE1 PRAERS).) was born Bet. 1110 - 1120 in Eatonwater, Wiltshire Co. England, and died in Living in 1159. He married --- DELAMARE.

We are missing the first names of the descendants of Williamus, but this was during the period in history that the first born ALWAYS inherited the main manorial estate and any titles that his father held.

For this reason we assume that there was a direct line of descendancy from Williamus (#2824) to William (#1044). But we must note that the first born son could have been killed or died before receiving his inheritance, thus causing the 2nd born son to become the heir. Never the less, he WAS A SON AND HEIR to Eaton Water in a line of succession from the same family. I will (we will) continue our research in this area, but it is a very difficult task. The government of England and other groups are continuing to translate and computerize records on a constant basis and one day we may have the answer, but for now we must make assumetions based on the records and knowlege of history currently at our disposal.

William was also recorded holding manors in Lincolnshire in 1159 and was a Reeve of Lincolnshire at that time. His seat being Eaton Water, Wiltshire, England.

Also note that Reinbald de Presbyter (Prater) was the first Chancellor of Eng. under King William in 1066. This Reinbald held the manor of Latton, Wiltshire near Eaton Water and many others accross England, including Frome, Somerset which was located next to the Manor of Nunney. Nunney was later the sight that our maternal Grandfather Sir John Delamere built his Castle. (Nunney Castle) REINBALD THE PRIEST (REINBALD de PRESBYTER)--REINBALD PRATER, Chancellor (ref. The Dooms Day Servey, which consist of 800 hand written volumes, conducted by the Church in Eng. between 1066 and 1086)

REINBALD de PRESBYTER (also listed as Prester / Prater) was a priest as well as Chancellor. During this period of history, most priest were born of noble families and were generally considered not to have the same religious conviction at a monk. The noble priest were hard fighting men, often with their own army. The noble priest of this period were found to have their position in the church for political reasons.

As an example, the position as the Pope in Rome was purchased (going to the highest bidder) during the 10th Century and earlier history. We also know that Reinbald gained his property (holdings) as a result of his exploits during the battles to secure England at the Conquest. The conquest of England by the Normans (and allied armies) began in 1066 and ended around 1086.

Reinbald held under Odo, the Bishop of Beck and half brother to King William. Odo also is listed in the Doomes Day survey as holding one half of the Lordship of Eaton Water. All of Odo's holding were taken away from him by the King when he began to create problems with the Baron's. Odo was banished to Normandy and all of his holdings were taken by the King. It is also noted that when Odo's holding were taken by the King that Eaton Water was held by "servants" of the King, this meaning that Eaton Water was held by a Noble family, faithful to the King.

The other half of the Lordship of Eaton Water was held by a noble family named Drews. It is very common for Manors in England to have serveral Lordships. An example is Nunney, Somerset: The Praters held one half the Lordship while the Maudleys held the other half in the late 1500's and early 1600's. To give you an example of the spelling variations found in the old records in England: Williamus Praters name was also spelled Wellelmus Pretor, Wellelmus Praepositus, Wellelmus Pratellius, and Wellelmus Presbyter.

My research continues, but I believe that Reinbald de Presbyter (Prater Prester / "The Elder") was probably the brother to Guilliums Prater of Eaton Water, Wiltshire, OR he was, at least, a close relative. It is thought that Reinbald (also spelled Rainbold) was descended from Roman, Flemish, Welch, and Norman Nobles. His holding around Latton Manor , Wiltshire was inherited by the Earls of St. German and later came into the hands of our Grandfather George Prater of Latton Manor, Wiltshire.

I believe that George Prater was a Reeve of Nunney, Somerset and other Manors held by the Paulets (Poweletts) as well as Manors held by the Earls of St.German and Earls of Bolingbroke.

To continue with Williamus Prater:

Williamus was a Reeve in Lincolnshire. (Shire is a term meaning County) A Reeve is an official or "One who governers" for the established "Title Holder". The Title Holder is one who holdes an area by the grace of the King. The Title Holder can be a Prince, Earl, Duke, Count, Viscount, Baron, etc. A Reeve didn't have to live in the county he serves, he can serve several Counties and/or Manors. His lands descended to first born son-William.

The Delamares were married into other Prater allied familes, Kingston, St. John, Paulets (Powellets), Powys, Ivys, Carew, Courtney, ect. The Delamare name is still very well known today in England. Our grandfather, Anthony Prater of Stanton St. Bernard, Wiltshire was married to Judith Ivy, whose mother was a descendant of Delamare.

Anthony's brother Richard lived in Nunney Castle until his death in 1580 and his Prater heirs lived there until 1645, when Col. Richard Prater lost the Castle to Fairfax , the commander of Cromwells forces, in a battle that took place at Nunney. It was never lived in again. The Castle Nunney stands today but all of the floors have been removed or burned. Its Mote, walls, and towers are still in tact and its manificent presents remain in the center of the Manorial villiage of Nunney, Somerset, England.

Prater, Delamare, and Paulet tombs are in the church at Nunney. Sir John De La Mere inherited large estates from his kinsman Lord Bohn, the Earl of Hereford. (The Bohn heir was Mary Bohn who married King Henry III and then it was given to John De La Mere as tenant-in-cheif of the Crown). He was also kinsman to the house of Clare, Earls of Gloucester/ Sir Thomas Hungerford / Sir John Bishopstrow, in Wiltshire / Lord Henry de Montfort / Lord Kingston, Earls of Kingsbourgh (Baron King in Irland) and many others.


4. i.   ROBERTUS PRETOR (PRATER) (DE4 PRAERS?), b. Prob. Eatonwater, Wiltshire Co. England; d. Living in 1208.

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